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The Problem

A diesel engine will collect dirt, water, varnishes, rust, and bacteria that will settle at the bottom of the tank. When the seas get rough the contaminants mix with the diesel fuel hence the need for fuel filters. When the fuel filter starts to clog the engine driven pump will naturally increase its vacuum to pull fuel through the filter, the fuel filter will eventually become totally clogged and will lead to engine shut down. This could happen in any number of sticky situations. Once the crew figures out that the fuel filter is clogged, they will have to change the filter and bleed the air out of the fuel system. This proves to be a tedious and dangerous task under poor sea conditions and creates the need for a more reliable filter system.

The Solution
The FILTER BOSS was designed to allow two filters to be installed, one online filter and one offline filter with a monitoring system and an integral pump system. The offline filter will be readily available when the online filter starts to clog, a crew member can select the filter by switching levers. A built in vacuum gage allows the crew to monitor the condition of the online filter. Additionally, the integral vacuum switch allows for the installation of a remote warning light. When the crew sees the filter starting to increase in vacuum (clog) or the warning light comes on, they will have the enough time to make the simple task of switching filters without shutting down the engine. Inside the FILTER BOSS is an electric fuel pump that will make engine bleeding and filter servicing a simple task.
The system can also be set up to act as an on-board fuel polishing system! You can now polish your fuel as often as you need to, when it is convenient for you!
• Monitors and warns crew when online filter
starts to clog.
• Allows the Crew to bring online a new filter
and take the clogged filter offline just by
moving two levers.
• Offline filter can be changed or serviced
while engine is operating.
• Built in pump allows easy system bleeding,
servicing, and back up fuel pump.
• Reinsures safety of the crew by solving one
the most common problems of engine failure
while allowing easy repair where even the
least mechanical person can assess the
Easy Installation
• This system can be installed into most any boat with a diesel engine, with a fuel flow of less than 35 gph.
• The FILTER BOSS can be purchased alone or pre-mounted with two filters installed. Purchase Filter Boss
• It will take the place of your current primary fuel filter.
• Pre-wired for easy installation.
• Simple installation instructions along with a detailed Installation/Operational Manual are provided.

“It really makes it simple to keep the fuel filters clean. I liked how easy it was to bleed the system and switch back to the first primary filter, keeping my second filter for emergencies. Fantastic!”
Carole B. Springfield, MA

“As a beginner to sailing, I was confident that this system would make my engine maintenance easier and I was more relaxed when I didn’t have to worry about trouble shooting while under way.”
Romas J. Clearwater FL

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Dimension 6” W x 8.5”H x 5.25”D
Weight 9.0 Lbs
Volts 12 volt
Amps 2
Fuel type Diesel
Max flow rate 35 gph
Port Size 1/4” npt
Pump fuel Pressure 5.5 To 9 psi
Pump flow rate 20 to 30 gph
Compound gage 30”/15 psi
Max internal pressure 15psi